April 15 Deadline

Working for you

Tamarack Tax and Consulting, LLC is committed to working for you. We are not collection agents of the U.S. Government. We endeavor to help you pay and little as you legally can in terms of income taxes. You can help us help you by keeping clear and accurate records. We like to use the gym analogy… if you want to eat cake every day, you should exercise daily. If you eat cake and don’t exercise, at some point, you’ll likely pay the price on the scale. We have the skills to work through the messiest of records, but you will help yourself by being as organized as you can. Come with a list of questions for us, and we’ll get to work right away. We want you to leave our office knowing more than when you came in.

Committed To Solutions

Treating our clients as if their business outcome matters to us is because it does. We want to be a partner in your success. The more we know about you or your business and about what your goals are, the more we can help. Your goals are important. And for most of us, they are in constant flux. Keeping us informed of those goals is imperative to our continued success together.

Secure Your Goals

With the ever-increasing complexity in laws and regulations, you or your small business may be faced with challenges that require assistance from a skilled Certified Public Accountant. We look holistically at your situation and customize an attainable plan of action with strategies designed to help you meet your goals. We are interested in helping you meet your goals for yourself, not our goals for you. That’s why a conversation with your CPA is one of the most important you can have, and it shouldn’t be just once a year. Give us a call. We’ll help you make sense of what our legislators have decided for us.

Experienced Friendly Professional

We know that even the smallest of businesses can make better decisions with good, timely financial information. Part of our job is to educate you on how to interpret information so you are able to make informed decisions. We recommend having a good banker, attorney, accountant – and perhaps a good Realtor as well. Everyone should have a team of professionals to help them navigate complex areas. And since we think numbers are fun and interesting, we are the here to help. Contact us online today.